Windows 10 Mobile Build 15063.414

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 15063.414

Messaggioda Dog_Hot » 13 giu 2017 19:19

Sono disponibili aggiornamenti.
.2017-06 10 1703 per dispositivi Phone basati su arm

Per gli smartphone ufficialmente supportati da Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update.

Addressed issue where the user may need to press the space bar to dismiss the lock screen on a Windows 10 machine to log in, even after the logon is authenticated using a companion device.
Addressed issue with slow firewall operations that sometimes results in timeouts of Surface Hub’s cleanup operation.
Addressed issue with a race condition that prevents Cortana cross-device notification reply from working; users will not be able to use the remote toast activation feature set.
Addressed issue where the Privacy Separator feature of a Wireless Access Point does not block communication between wireless devices on local subnets.
Addressed issue on the Surface Hub device where using ink may cause a break in the touch trace that could result in a break in inks from the pen.

Addressed issue where Internet Explorer 11 may ignore the “Send all sites not included in the Enterprise Mode Site List to Microsoft Edge” policy when opening a Favorites link.
Addressed additional issues with time-zone information and Internet Explorer.
Security updates to Windows kernel, Microsoft Windows PDF, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Microsoft Uniscribe, Device Guard, Internet Explorer, Windows Shell, and Microsoft Edge. For more information about the security vulnerabilities resolved, please refer to the Security Update Guide.
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Re: Windows 10 Mobile Build 15063.414

Messaggioda Mago di Oz » 14 giu 2017 11:25

Sul mio Lumia 640 LTE questa Build va benissimo è anche veloce come una scheggia. :D :D :approvato:
Sono molto contento. Speriamo per il futuro.