HITMANPRO.ALERT 3 - Aggiornamenti di versione.

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Re: HITMANPRO.ALERT 3 - Aggiornamenti di versione.

Messaggioda melfitanus » 25 ago 2017 20:23

[Claudio] ha scritto:***


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Re: HITMANPRO.ALERT 3 - Aggiornamenti di versione.

Messaggioda [Claudio] » 22 set 2017 10:47

Per chi fosse interessato segnalo il rilascio di HitmanPro.Alert 3.7.0 Build 717 BETA

Molte le novità introdotte (che troveremo successivamente, nella versione stabile):


Improved Redstone 3 compatibility
Improved Anti-Malware cloud lookup
Improved CodeCave mitigation
Improved Credential Theft Protection
Improved CryptoGuard Anti-Ransomware
Improved Lockdown mitigation
Improved ROP mitigation
Improved DEP mitigation
Improved LoadLib mitigation
Improved Authenticode catalog signing handling
Improved memory usage (lowered)
Improved compatibility with Forcepoint
Improved compatibility with QQ Messenger
Fixed CodeCave detection in executables when McAfee is installed
Fixed CodeCave detection in Visual Studio 2017 15.3
Fixed LoadLib detection in Firefox 55.0.3
Fixed NonPaged memory leak in driver
Fixed BSOD when minifilter failed to initialize
Fixed potential BSOD when trying to hash an executable located on the network
Fixed DLL hijacking vulnerability on Windows 7 machines without KB2533623
Fixed DEP mitigation triggered in some Microsoft Excel macro's
Various other minor fixes

Notes: This version has Microsoft co-signed drivers.

Download: http://test.hitmanpro.com/hmpalert3b717.exe
PC Desktop: Windows 10 Enterprise N 2016 LTSB Notebook: Windows 10 Pro
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